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Pride Drink

Drink With A Purpose!

Providing funding to help in AIDS research and helping LGBT communities everywhere.

Pride energy drink is a low calorie drink, with only 5 calories and zero grams of sugar, along with only 1 carbohydrate.

It gives a great source of energy for those times you’re looking for that boost and are in the mood for something other than coffee. Pride gives you that much needed boost without the jitters some other energy drinks may have.

Serving Doses of Feel Good

Pride strives to help everyone feel good, free and energized about their lives. We live to see a loving environment for all people! We are all in this together.

That Taste

Innovation in your mouth

Pride has a very smooth taste, feedback we have received people state that it’s a very smooth taste, very welcoming flavor and not overwhelming in any aspect. With it being sugar free it has a very light and crisp taste without being too heavy with syrups and heavy sugars. Perfect for when you need to hydrate, along with getting the added boost of energy for either sporting activities, a long fun time out late, or just getting you through a busy work day. Pride will quench your thirst and energy needs!

You’re gonna love it.

The flavor that got us hooked! Not only will you enjoy the flavor, but you’ll love knowing that you’re helping out a great cause.

The Cause

A % of proceeds will be donated to industry leaders in helping unity and equality for ALL.

Everything You Need
Rainbow Pages is your source for GLBT-friendly businesses covering Northern California from the Bay Area to Sacramento

LGBTQ athletes. Allies. Teaming up for respect.

Connecting You to Charity

Pride connects you directly with charities that truly help and unite people.

The mission is to bring awareness to the LGBT community and help with outstanding leaders in the LGBT community with funding and help spread the word.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) believes that AIDS can be beaten. “We act on that belief by raising funds for evidence-based programs and policies, and also by speaking out with honesty and compassion about the realities of people’s lives.
EJAF is one of the world’s largest HIV grant-makers. With offices in New York and London, EJAF has raised more than $349 million for the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS since its inception in 1992. In the Americas, we invest approximately $7 million in more than 120 organizations every year, with half of this focused on the Southern U.S. and the Caribbean.”

Get Pride Now!

You = Power. Say hello to the power of social action.

Empowering our community

Pride is dedicated to bringing awareness to the LGBT community and equal rights for all. We are dedicated to helping younger generations that may be having issues at school, sporting leagues or any situation where they may feel unaccepted. We want to help everyone to be free and feel comfortable in any and every situation.

With every can sold we donate to industry leaders in the LGBT movement.

A Fantastic Time To Be Alive

It’s 2017, if you’re on the other side, you’re on the wrong side of history.

We are all the same and deserve the same amount of respect and equality that anyone else should receive. Through your help, we can bring awareness and comfort for all, united as one is the only way.

Get Pride Now!

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